10 Digital Marketing Facts One Must Know for Business Growth in 2016

Well, we all are aware of the increasing popularity of Digital Marketing for business growth, because they have an impact and delivers the result. As always said, ‘content marketing‘ and other digital marketing tactics would be the key skills for any marketers in coming years.

Here’re 10 Digital Marketing Facts One Must Know for Business Growth in 2016:

#1 The Internet

Fact 1When digital marketing is considered, the internet offers a varied set of advantages as a strongest marketing medium. Internet way of marketing is far better than traditional way, because it gives the business new wings in terms of “Reach”, “Targetted Audience”, “Relevancy” & “ROI”.

#2 Digital Marketing Priorities

Fact 2We all have different marketing priorities based on business. But we tell you that for any business these should be the priorities. Once these implemented, all you have to do is tick the goal completion list, one-by-one.

#3 Digital Advertising

Fact 3Marketing is one such thing where the more you invest the more you reap. Considering the success and awareness of Digital marketing, these B2Bs are planning to increase the spending on digital advertising in 2016. The only reason behind this the spending could be made measurable and accountable. Because you have the complete data of the spending. You are the lord.

#4 Content Marketing

Fact 4Any business can increase their marketing effectiveness, with a proper content marketing strategy. It is said that by 2017, 51% of companies will have a team in their organization who would be directly responsible for an overall content marketing strategy.

#5 Offline Promotions

Fact 5It’s obvious that we can’t forget the offline or traditional way of marketing. This is staying and can’t be ignored. But with the increasing trend of online/digital marketing, many offline methods are forgotten.

#6 Again Content Marketing

Fact 6Content is the fuel to the entire digital marketing strategy. For the fact, the most successful companies in the world spend more money in content marketing. As we already mentioned about the forecast of content marketing in 2017, this would require a solo team. So if you are into the game of digital marketing, you can’t escape knowing about content marketing.

#7 Google & Mobile Ads

Fact 7Mobile app is the future and this stat says all about that. Simply put people use more apps than websites.

#8 Top Social Media Channels

Fact 10Social media is an essential part of any digital marketing strategies. When it’s B2B it always crucial to know which platform could give you ideal customers. So choose the right platform to reach the right audiences.

#9 LinkedIn – Most Effective Social Media Platform

Fact 8LinkedIn is no more a job hunting and just a networking site. It is considered as a powerful content marketing platform. LinkedIn offers wide range of possibilities for B2B marketers.

#10 Website Traffic through Content Marketing

Fact 9Probably sounds good. Content marketing is not just churning more and more content, but it should be reached to relevant audiences and should have the power to convert prospects into customers and then into repeated buyers.

So wrapping up…

These stats surprised you, didn’t they? Or were they already lined-up for you next marketing strategies? Whether you are a startup or well established enterprise business, watch out for the content marketing and digital marketing strategies for your business.

If you need any help defining digital marketing strategies for your business, aligning your marketing strategies with the business goals and take your business to a new horizon, give us a shout.

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  • July 20, 2016
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