“We can change the design later when we have more money.” Sounds familiar?

“We can change our website or logo design later, when we have a good money. So let it be now.” This is very familiar statement we hear from many business owners.

When starting out, business owners wear many hats with limited budget, limited time and as many as DIY routes to get things working. Here many don’t fully understand the crucial importance and value of launching your brand with a solid design.

This age is not only the digital age, it’s a visually digital age. Heard the saying?

“that which is seen is sold.”

So, failing to invest into your brand’s visual appealing image and concept work, will send out a negative message, one that necessarily doesn’t suite your business ethic and passion.

Simply put, your brand image is what sticks to the customers’ mind when they think of your business or services. Client-customer relations in our age have become extremely sophisticated at the same time public expecting some grace from the companies they choose to support. Make your business image the way they are likely to communicate to your customers in a consistent essence.

Does your brand properly represent your business?

Brand_1A large budget is not necessary for a business to benefit from the creative representation of your brand. All you have to do is put your best first impression first. Make every first interaction with a customer or client, an impressing. Your brand or business experience journey starts with these first interaction. Failed to impress at first glance, be ready to get affected by the lower credibility for your business.

So what are the first interaction designs? Is it a logo, business card, a website, a storefront, a brochure, a social media post or a landing page design? Yes it’s everything mentioned, you have to consistently send your message across all the touch points.

So how to breathe life to your solid brand?

Take help from some professional. A designing company or advertising agency could be the aid you look for. The aid you choose should ask you too various questions to learn your business and requirements. Questions might be like your business goals, nature of the business, concept and product understanding, your target region and target audience type. Those who have the great domain of experience in branding identity design and development will definitely create a brand identity that will dominate the business.

If you feel the professional you chose, doesn’t understand your vision, just move on. Believe your guts.

Firstly, define your business. Clearly!

Every business should consider investing in branding as a priority. It should not be a left out item from your list. Start with defining your business. Here’re a few things that help you define your business and brand.

Business branding is not a luxury these days. Branding later is not at all an option for any business.

  • The business model
  • The concept
  • What’s your USP – Unique Selling Proposition
  • Target Market – Region and Audience Type

Once you’re clear with these factors, branding is fairly straightforward.

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Design the brand

Designing your business brand starts with creating a beautiful and meaningful logo. Get a great logo – simple and effective. The more complicated logo, the less power it has. A piece of advice – if you are serious about your business, don’t go for various crowdsourcing options because these services usually don’t take your business goals and pictures into consideration. Let the professionals work and think for your business goals and vision.

A good designer will consider looking into all the platforms that the business will utilize and serve you with strategic design solutions for your business or brand. Once you have the perfect logo, integrate it into every aspects of the business like business cards, stationary, social media, signage, email signatures, event displays, flyers, etc.

At initial stage do what your budget allows, but the key to brand success is consistency. So anything that is created to represent your business works all together representing a huge image of your brand.

It’s a proven fact that investing in professional branding process always works and has a great ROI when done well. Remember branding and brand loyalty ultimately drives customers which in return drives sales.

So are you building a brand? Better talk to the professionals.

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