Facebook Ads Marketing – Beyond Likes & Shares

The first question: What is Facebook for, beyond Likes & Shares?

These days not having a business page on Facebook is a symbol of backwardness and it should be. Facebook business page connects with the customers directly whether you own a small business or a well-established enterprise, it’s still the same.

Facebook represent a huge potential marketing for your marketing activities. The following statistics highlight some of the relevant Facebook facts.
Facebook Stats Facebook truly continues to reign in popularity over other social media channels.

With a targeted Facebook Ads, you can turn your followers into a potential leads. This is where your campaign takes you beyond Likes & Shares. What else your Facebook Ads can do?

Diving deep with Facebook Ads

You might have no idea what goals you can accomplish with a niche targeted Facebook Ads marketing. It has a great potential to take your business to the next level, right from the post engagements to app installs and lead conversions.

Here’s a quick glance.

Types of Facebook Ads for your Business

Facebook offers three different types of ads depending on your business goals and marketing objectives. You’ll have a collection of marketing objectives to suit your business goals.

Facebook offers generally 3 types of ads as given below:

Moreover you can even promote your business to the Instagram, right from the Facebook Ads giving you a wider range of audiences.

Knowing your customer is the number one rule of Facebook Ads targeting.
To figure out this you need to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What am I selling through Facebook Ads?
  2. Who are my targeted customers?
  3. What’s unique about my business?

If your ads are nicely targeted and serves the message that meets the audiences’ interests, BOOM. You nailed it.

In spite of small marketing budget, can my company afford Facebook Ads?

Yes, definitely even with a small budget you can run Facebook Ads and could reach your targeted customers.

It’s you who choose a budget and total amount you want to spend on an ad. You can spend as little as $5 to meet your marketing needs.

Watch this Facebook video to see how much Facebook Ads cost:

Facebook Pixels to retarget your customers with your business ads

Have you ever visited a website and saw the same ad of businesses/services, next time you log into Facebook?
This is retargeting. It’s not a miracle but a great way of nurturing your potential customers. Facebook uses “pixels” to track visitors and their visits to advertisers’ websites.

In a nutshell, what Facebook Ads can do for your business

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of your business.
  • Helps you reach out to the niche target audience within the specific demographic.
  • Identify the potential leads and take down information for each lead
  • Nurture the leads through sales funnel
  • Get your targeted customers converted to leads

Wrapping up…
Twitchtime’s Facebook marketing experts will advise you the right combination of strategy and promotion tactics to help increase in brand recognition with audience engagement. Talk to the experts now, and improve your media value with our out of the box facebook marketing campaigns.

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