What’s new with the Facebook and Spotify Integration?

On demand music streaming service, Spotify is now integrated to Facebook. This integration allows Facebook users to stream Spotify tracks directly from the news feed, from their Spotify dashboard and even can recommend tracks to friends through Messenger.

Where your Spotify music activity shows up on Facebook profile?

On first place, the real-time news ticker. As soon as you listed to any track, an update will pop up in the news ticker, telling your friends which song you are listening currently. They can check out the song by clicking on it, if they desire to listen the same.

Spotify Ticker

Secondly, you can keep track of your activity on Spotify from your own profile. Those songs will be listed in condensed form on your profile as “Recent Activity.” If you have new timeline, you would be seeing it along with your wall posts and other activity.
Music UpdatesSource: readwrite.com

This shows that Facebook has come up with a centralized dashboard for your social music activity.

Facebook Messenger too has this integration

First the Messenger came up with the Uber integration, now it’s Spotify, the very first music integration.

Till now Spotify users relied on screenshots or just typing out a song name to share it with a friend. That causes extra friction that might lead a recipient to never actually listen. With the Messenger sharing, there’s no extra typing necessary. All you can do is choose the track you want to share, and send it to your friend.
Spotify-FB Messenger

When a friend taps that photo, they’ll be bounced over to Spotify to listen.

This integration will provide Spotify, a virality giving a tough competition to the Apple Music. This is truly monetization opportunities for Facebook apps.

Have you considered the way to monetize your app?

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  • March 4, 2016
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